Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting has been the primary service vertical the we conduct business through. For Rajat Financial Consultants, our clients financial needs come first above all other requirements. Be it a Student willing to pursue higher education, you thinking of buying a new home, or requirement of monetary help by mortgaging your property. We are the best finance company which provides you certified lending and consulting services in Delhi-NCR, following a process which is completely transparent and up-front.

We have a team of dedicated individuals who are the best in classifying the best options for you, customized to your requirements. This makes sure you get the lowest interest rates and high quality financial services end to end.

  • Home Loan
  • Everyone wishes to buy their own home at some point in time in their lives and a home loan makes it easy for you to realise your dreams. Who wouldn’t want to escape the uncertainty of finding new houses to rent every time their lease expires and soaring rent prices are a deterrent in any case. Everyone dreams of going back to what they call their own home, an abode which one can share with their loved ones. It is an investment of a lifetime and you wouldn’t want to compromise on getting the best home for your family.

    While today’s prohibitive property prices make it difficult to buy homes outright, home loans come to the rescue. Your budget and your needs can be taken into consideration while you go about your research for the perfect home loan. To make matters easier for you, we provide the best assistance to you by calculating your home loan, which help you understand the risk, tenure, investment, and EMI structure. This gives you a fair idea about what you are getting into. You are well-aware on how much there is at stake and can make decisions accordingly. But always remember that a home will always give you a lot of pride and fulfilment.

  • Loan Against Property
  • Loan Against Property can get you a higher loan amount for your business or personal needs with the benefit of lower EMI. With easy documentation, speedy approvals and flexible repayment options, getting a loan couldn't get any easier than with Rajat Financial Consultants.

  • Car Loan
  • When you're looking forward to travelling with pride, you look into a 4-wheeler to get you there. From the thousands of options available in the Indian Market, you select your dream car. Now, to buy a vehicle is a drain in the pocket. Thus we make sure you are able to get it done, by providing you flexible EMI vehicle loans. Of-course according to your requirements.

  • Education Loan
  • We believe that a meritorious student is should never be far away from their dream career. Students from every discipline can now take their first steps on the path to success with our Educational Loans. Every feature of our student loan assists the process of higher education in a comfortable manner. Tax benefits, post-graduation EMI schedule and a flexible tenure make higher education both affordable and convenient as never before. With rapid loan processing, our student loans have faster disbursal and lower ancillary expenses. Competitive interest rates also allow students to make stress-free repayments after moratorium period. These customizable and conducive loan terms will help bring expensive higher educational courses within the grasp of every student.

  • Overdraft & Cash Credit
  • Overdraft and cash credit are widely used external sources of finance for availing short term borrowing at some cost. Both cash credit and overdraft are used by businesses to manage short-term working capital requirements.